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After a business trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I spent a couple of days in Santa Fe. Never having been there, I reveled in the “let’s see what I find” approach to exploring the town. Chez Mamou was the first restaurant I came across. It was removed from the crowds and had a distinctly European flair — a perfect place for dinner and a sketch. I picked an outdoor table overlooking the street scene.

What follows is the progression through drink, food, and paint . . .

Laying out the sketch while enjoying a German helles lager

Setting aside the sketch to enjoy my breaded chicken, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes (it was stated much more eloquently on the French menu — something like “garlic-crusted poulet seared in a crumb sauce served with butter infused patate puree and accompanied by a vegetable roast medley”)

Deciding to go all the way with dessert and coffee

Returning to my sketch with a sated belly and happy heart

Adding paint as dusk settles in

Trying to remember the daylight colors

And voila! finished painting

My table at the end of the night

From Chez Mamou, I walked up the street into the heart of Santa Fe, enjoying the slight coolness of the evening (after a 100+ degree day) and the festive atmosphere. Santa Fe lived up to my expectations, and while I enjoyed discovering its treasures, it’s clearly been discovered by many, many, many others. 🙂